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Finding the Best Pet Insurance Rates

If you love your pet, then getting him the appropriate insurance coverage in time is one of the best financial decisions that you will ever have to make. Invariably, the cost of treating a sick pet (dog or cat) can spiral; leaving you in a difficult financial situation if not in financial doldrums. For instance, most pet treatment procedures including surgeries can sometimes leave you with a bill of up to 1000 pounds or more. As a result, the option for most pet owners is to have some kind of pet insurance coverage in place.

Once you decide to press ahead and cover you beloved pet, the most logical thing to do, is to shop for the best insurance policy that you can find around. Luckily, there are plenty of insurance comparison websites, which can feed you with insurance quotes instantly- all you have to do is to request for the information. However, before you reach that step, there are couple of factors that affect the cost on an insurance policy that you need to understand.

Factors affecting your pet insurance cost

1) Age

The older your pet is, the more expensive it is going to get an insurance cover for him or her. Therefore, if you were looking to insure your beloved animal then it would be advisable to invest in a much younger pet or be prepared to pay a little bit more.

2) Breed

The type of breed will also determine the cost of insurance you are going to pay. Some breeds are more susceptible to illness than others meaning you have to cough up more money in order to get the right cover. For instance, pure breeds are more susceptible to illness thus cost more to insure.

3) Type of insurance policy

Generally, the type of insurance cover determines the amount a pet owner is supposed to pay. Some of the most common pet insurance policy plans include;

a) Accident only

This is a type of coverage that only insures your pet against accidental injury; meaning that your pet is not protected against illness or instances of getting lost.

b) Time limited

This is a type of cover that is only applicable within a limited time frame meaning that your pet is only covered for a limited time let’s say a year. Time limited insurance policies are generally cheaper compared to other comprehensive plans. As a pet owner, you have the sole responsibility of deciding whether such a plan fits your circumstances.

c) Maximum benefit

This is a type of insurance policy where the amount of your cover is paid in full when your pet gets ill. For example if your insurance cover is worth 3000 pounds, then the insurance company will be compelled to pay until they exhaust that amount.

d) Lifetime cover

This cover guarantees lifetime coverage for your pet. For example if your pet is insured for 3000 pounds then you are supposed to renew remit your insurance premiums every year.


Ultimately, the best way to find the best pet insurance policy is to find out which factors affect its cost. Before you go shopping for pet insurance plans make sure you understand what influences what you will be paying for. Such information will help you avoid paying for a cover that doesn’t cater to your pet best insurance.

The Effect Of Payday Loans On Your Credit Rating

When a person is faced with a financial emergency, they are usually forced to look for money from multiple sources. Getting money from formal sources such as banks usually takes time and many therefore seek to borrow from friends and family. In the event the sources do not produce ready cash, some people turn to payday loans as a means of taking care of their emergencies. Payday loan lenders like CheekyPayDay are usually efficient and can disburse small loans in an hour or so and even larger logbook loans within a day. Many people are therefore attracted by the convenience and speed of the payday loan lenders. The big question is what is the effect of payday loans on your credit file?

The answer to this question is not so straightforward. This is because payday loans appear just like any other loan on your credit history. If you repay the payday loan on schedule as agreed with your lender, there should be no problem. The fact remains that payday loans have a very high rate of interest and are not good for you. But if they solve your immediate problem, then the high interest rate may be worth the trouble. The problem appears to be that formal financial institutions such as banks and mortgage providers frown upon customers who have previously taken payday loans. According to some banks, such customers are said to have money management problems. These lenders therefore treat such customers with suspicion. Keningston, which is a leading mortgage lender, says that it will not consider offering a mortgage to a customer who has borrowed from a payday lender within the past 12 months. Another leading mortgage lender, GE Money says that it may not approve home loans for customers who have borrowed from payday lenders within the past 3 months or 2 times in the past year.

This view is not shared by all mortgage lenders with Halifax Building Society saying that it does not discriminate against customers who have borrowed from payday lenders since they consider such loans short term borrowing just like credit cards. However, a customer should not have a payday loan exceeding 3 months at the time of applying for a home loan. London and Country mortgages also hold a similar view but add that they may decline a customer who has a history of frequent borrowing from payday loan lenders.

If you are still concerned about the direct effect of payday loans on your credit rating, the answer is that unless you default and the payday lender uses legal means to recover the loan, taking the payday loan may not affect you adversely if you pay on time. The three leading national credit reporting agencies namely Trans Union, Experian and Equifax do not capture information related to payday loans. Experian has begun working with a few payday lenders to gather some data but many payday lenders are not on board. Some specialty credit reporting agencies may collect the information from a number of payday lenders but not in a comprehensive way. Though when you are applying for a loan from a financial institution, there is always the chance they may contact some of these specialty credit reporting agencies.

How To Find The Best Car Rental Insurance Rates

One of the most important things for a driver who is making efforts to get coverage for a car rental insurance service which is particular is to get the best rates. This is because there are many insurance companies that offer such policies for vehicle owners and those who rent them to help insure the vehicles. In order to obtain this, there is a need to perform extensive market research so as to get the best. This is in terms of the kind of coverage that is needed as well as the most appropriate companies to offer it.

Best Car Rental Insurance Rates

Rental car insurance rates vary in relation to different factors that include the type of policy and insurance company. However, with proper investigation, one can be in a position to reduce the expected rates. In this sense, if you have been wondering about how to Find the Best Car Rental Insurance Rates here are a few factors that you will need to consider:

Explore the different services that are offered by car rental insurance

Most of the rental car insurance companies offer the type of comprehensive insurance, which is likely to cover any situation. As such, it takes care of anything that happens on the road or off road. If this is the case, paying some of the rates that they recommend is a worthy cause. Rental car insurance is usually high. However, it is worth paying since it acts as the only way through which the high value of your vehicle can be insured.

Consider a policy for non-owners

There is an extra policy that is provided during the search for rental car insurance. It includes getting the policy through a third party. This is offered in the form of the option of “non owner auto policies”. These types of policies specifically cover the drivers of cars that are not in their possession. Although rates are likely to vary with this, they will be significantly lower.

Get in touch with your personal insurer

Most of the time, insurance companies offer extra insurance for a rental car to a driver who already has another policy with them. They offer all kinds of comprehensive coverage that include natural disasters, collisions among others. These are thus given at a significantly lower rate than those given at the counter. Thus, you should first contact your existing insurer if you are looking for the best rental car insurance rates.

Getting rental car insurance rates that are appropriate is a challenging task. It is thus important that shopping around is done in the form of trial and error. You will find that there are some good places to start looking for the best insurance rates. In the long run, the more time you put in, the more rewards you will get as you will be in a better place to identify the companies with preferable rates. This will be able to meet your needs in terms of mileage, car model and year, the number of days that you will be renting the car among many other factors.

Holiday Saving and Budgeting Tips

Holidays provide us with an opportunity to relax, recharge and spend some quality time with our loved ones. However, in these hard economic times, you may find the going quite difficult, especially if you want to go out. That does not mean that you have no options though. If you can familiarize yourself with some holiday saving tips, then it is possible for you to enhance your holiday experience while saving money.

Holiday Saving Tips

1. Opt for Off-Peak Seasons

One of the first things you should try to do is to arrange for a holiday break when not everyone else is having one. This is not an opportunity for everyone though. If you are lucky enough to have a flexible work schedule, then doing so may work for you. The good thing about having a vacation during off-peak seasons is the fact that the costs of vacationing are much cheaper.

During off-peak seasons, holiday service providers have fewer clients, which mean that you are in a better position to access discount packages. These packages will ensure that you get great holiday amenities and services, for a much lower price thus saving you quite a bit of money.

2. Use your Loyalty Cards

Throughout the year, you will be using your debit or credit cards. Make sure that you make use of cards, which are also loyalty cards. Such cards enable you to accrue a number of points for every transaction that you make using them.

As long as you keep up with your payments, and use all the cards that you have to your advantage, you will be able to amass a significant amount of loyalty points by the time your holiday comes around. That is the time to use those points. Points of that nature can be used to give you discounts when booking flights, accommodation facilities and even restaurants. Using the points that you have enables you to use less cash, during your holiday, which in the end also saves you quite a bit of money.

3. Get Travel Insurance

Nobody likes paying insurance. However, the insurance covers are there for a reason. If you plan to travel to destinations away outside the UK, paying insurance is a very wise thing to do. If something happens to you while you are away, paying for the eventualities can wipe you out financially. Issues like sicknesses and accidents are very hard to deal with effectively without insurance.

Travel insurance does not need to cost much. However, when you experience the eventualities, you got cover for; you will be protected under the terms of coverage. That £100 that you pay may end up saving you thousands of pounds if you are involved in an accident. Since no human being can foresee such events, paying insurance is an investment that you need to make to save money.

4. Take Advantage Of Holiday Special Offers

Taking advantage of holiday special offers is not cheap. You will be wise to take advantage of those holiday specials like Christmas and Easter offers without shame. Many businesses offer discounts to enhance sales. You should take them up on it. In addition, use the coupons that are available on regular basis, to reduce your holiday expenses, in places like hotels and restaurants. Who said that vacations have to be expensive?

A Guide To Balance Transfer Credit Cards

A balance transfer credit card is a way through which you can slowly take stock of debt. This is possible by changing your debt to a credit card hence you end up paying less interest on the amount borrowed. The change to a balance transfer card will enable you to save hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Important things to know about balance transfer credit cards

Strive to clear your debt before the end of 0% or cheap rates

The cheap balance transfers are mainly to help lenders make money in case one fails to pay them or opts to switch to another 0% even before your low rate elapses. They do so because interest rates usually increase rapidly during that time. Therefore aim at clearing the transferred amount to reduce interest. You can use Which Card is the Cheapest? Calculator to find out the cost of paying off the cards over a given period of time.

Ensure that you repay the monthly minimum

You should never stop paying the monthly minimum even after you successfully get the 0% deal. Some card providers will even take back the deal when you stop payment and you end up with the expensive rate which will strain you financially. It is advisable to pay more than the minimum if you do not have any other debt that you are repaying.

Avoid spending money less costly balance transfer cards

The cheap balance transfer cards are not usually cheap as they are claimed to be. This is because the money spent on such balance transfer cards will first cater for spending. The only way to avoid paying interest is by paying all the balance on the card. It is advisable to go for a separate 0% spending card for anybody who wants to spend some money on the card. The other option is to use all-rounder card where you will apply for a single card.

Reduction of interest without necessarily using new cards

You will find that numerous balance transfer card deals are fit for new cardholders only. However, anyone with other credit cards can talk to their provider in order to be able to use the old card. This saves you the agony of getting a new card. Besides, find out whether you can benefit from any special balance transfer card deals if you have an old card. You can take advantage of that deal.

You can get the card and miss headline deal

All lenders will use credit scoring card to determine whether to give you a loan or not. This involves a check on your history as a lender and your credit reference file. Your credit scoring will help determine the products you will receive. You might have low score and get the card, but get less months at a rate of 0% or a higher one. Therefore, when it comes to credit cards, if you have a low score you will get accepted, but fail to get the headline you have applied.

The above guide to balance transfer credit cards will be of great help to any user. It is important to check the eligibility for your card before applying for any.

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